Local produce, local meat and only the finest ingredients!

Our beef is born and bred in Australia! 100% grass fed, they are free of any nasty chemicals, hormones or growth steroids – just the way we like it!

The tender, juicy pork we provide is 100% Australian raised and fed a natural, grain based diet that is free of hormones and in-feed antibiotics.

Our tender La Ionica chicken wings are non-caged from Victoria and are free of hormones! Because of the super special air-chilling processing they go through, there is no chance of any foul chemicals getting added to the delicious meat!

And the Australian lamb we serve is 100% grass fed and free of hormones or chemicals.


Every stock, sauce, dessert and veggie pattie is also made on the premises!

You may find yourself asking “how can they serve such delicious meat for so cheap?”

And the secret is… It’s because we are just that good!

Next time you visit us, make sure you try some of our locally delicious and lovingly home made dishes!